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At The Dream Factory, their mission is clear: to make dreams come true for kids in Manitoba battling life-threatening illnesses. They exist to be a source of joy, laughter and hope for kids and families in our province going through an incredibly difficult experience.

The Dream Factory

Chronic Kidney Disease? Tests, Tubes and Surgeries Can’t Keep Noah Down

Noah is an active, outgoing 15-year-old with a ready smile. You almost wouldn’t know he’s suffering. But he is. He has chronic kidney disease.

What he also has, thanks to you, is the dream of a lifetime that’s going to come true.

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There’s Nothing Like Santa to Make Her Smile

A Special Christmas, Made Possible By You!

You can count on Santa to deliver toys to lots of kids. But last Christmas, something magical happened. Santa arrived at the home of a special little girl.

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Ethan Now Has a Bedroom Sanctuary to Recharge In

What A Gift You Gave Him!

He’s probably the most courageous kid you’ll ever know. At 13, Ethan is fighting a brain tumour – with emphasis on “fighting.”

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