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Responsibility To Our Clients

At Achieve Financial Independence Group (AFIG), we are committed to turning your dreams into reality. We are here to unlock your financial potential and help you create financial independence, using proven, safe strategies with written guarantees that bring real results. We help our clients save fees on their investments, get out of debt faster, and create a realistic budget to reach financial independence sooner. That is why our name is ‘Achieve Financial Independence Group’.

Your Financial Potential

We are a group of licensed and experienced financial professionals who specialize in investments, insurance, and financial planning. We do not distribute our own proprietary products. We have a responsibility to you the client to find the product that is in your best interest. Large firms rely heavily on their brand to entice new clients. A small independent firm relies on its reputation and customer service to grow and expand its business. Every partner has a very direct and tangible vested interest in the success of the firm. A small independent firm needs to take greater pride in its work in order to maintain its reputation. It cannot accept even the smallest blemish, thus making its attention to detail, compliance and service a much more significant priority.

More Products, Lower Fees

In my experience, management in large firms are mostly concerned with advisers maintaining a practice that will contribute to the profitability of the firm. This is not the definition of what an independent adviser should be doing. I was an award winning Executive Consultant with one of Canada’s major Investment Management Firms. The disconnect between how the firm felt I should conduct my business and how I knew I should conduct my business to the benefit of my clients, became unsustainable. In the spring of 2009, I created AFIG Financial Services Inc. to allow me to work with my clients for their benefit, by providing a wider range of products with much lower fees.